Coat of arms of Carnoustie
The wavy blue and yellow bands represent the sea and the beach.
The Green represents the Golf course and the burn.
The two roundels are taken from the Maule family coat of arms and also represent golf balls.
The bar across with lozenges is from the coat of arms of the Graham family, the clan who owned the lands of Carnoustie.
The two birds are taken from the former crest of Carnoustie.
The boars head comes form the crest of Angus
The Crown has pine cones because the name Carnoustie means "Hill of the Pines"
The motto is "Stay the Course" - be tenacious.

The current coat of arms of Carnoustie was established in 1955 at the time of the Queen's coronation. Prior to that there was an unofficial coat of arms established in 1880. It had a picture of the "Dibble tree" with two crows nesting in it.
This is visual pun because it showed the "Craws nestie" (Crows nest - sounds like Carnoustie)